Mauritius D'Silva is a Product Designer currently based in the United Kingdom with over fourteen years of hands-on experience in user interface and user experience design, building and leading multidisciplinary teams, identifying business needs and developing products and services from vision through to delivery.


Mauritius started his career when websites weren't as popular or user-centric as they are now, and mobile apps were almost non-existent. He constantly struggled to describe to others (including his mum) about his work and what he does for a living.

Having worked in cross-functional teams as a Web Designer and Frontend Developer at various digital agencies, his claim to fame was joining Carriage a brand-new food delivery startup in Kuwait and creating a full-fledged product for it from the ground up. Carriage was acquired by the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace brand Delivery Hero in less than a year after its founding.

He is a humble, pleasant, and principled individual. His creativity stems from his curiosity with how things work and how the human mind reacts to different situations. Mauritius is a good listener and problem solver, and often find himself serving as a mediator in times of disagreement and tension among team members.

With a reputation for getting things done. He loves taking on a challenge and always aspires to create solutions based on user and business needs.


Mauritius D’Silva

Product Designer based in the United Kingdom

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